Welcome to Blue Ridge

In this age of consumerism and natural resource consumption and degradation, it is no wonder that national and state parks are overflowing with people and families escaping the craziness of their lives. We find relief in rediscovering ourselves in natural surroundings. The harmony that is so evident in nature contrasts with the frequent discord of our lives. If only we could realize our place within the whole…


Blue Ridge Outdoor Education Center offers students of all ages the chance to see and touch the processes at work in the world around us and to get a sense of their special place in that system through environmental education. We regard environmental education as a process of opening awareness and gaining knowledge of our world. Building on this philosophy, we teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills to challenge learners to grow into active citizens and conscious stewards of the land that nourishes us all.


Ecologically speaking, our location is unique.

Blue Ridge is nestled in the transitional zone between the Piedmont and the Appalachian Mountains and tWe have over 30 species of trees, abundant wildflowers and herbaceous species, providing habitat for a healthy community of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. This diversity is spread over 480 acres of forested ridges and shaded coves, including a wetland, waterfall and a trout stream. The inviting landscape and unusual ecosystems make Blue Ridge a rich learning environment.