Adopt An Animal

PROGRAM UPDATE! The Adopt-An-Animal Program now has two options to meet any budget. For $50.00 per year or $25.00 for 6 months, your contribution directly supports your adopted animal with all proceeds going toward care, feeding costs and providing habitat improvements for your new family member.

Our Adopt-An-Animal Program is designed to give friends of the Blue Ridge Outdoor Education Center the opportunity to support their favorite Nature Center animal.

Anyone from individuals, families, schools or scout groups can adopt. An adoption can make a great gift, too!

Think of the appreciation and pride a family member or your class will feel knowing your unique gift is caring for their favorite Nature Center animal. Adopting one of our animals is also TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Of course, the animal you adopt will stay in our care and custody so that other visitors can enjoy them too!

Your contribution is recognized with:
1. A chance to name the animals
2. An adoption certificate
3. A fact sheet on sponsored animals
4. Recognition on Facebook and Instagram
5. Monthly updates on your animal

Download the adoption form.

Please send your completed form and payment to:
Adopt-An-Animal Program
237 Camp Mikell Court
Toccoa, GA 30577


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Fancy Rat

ADOPTED January 2016
Name: Miguel

Our Fancy Rat is very friendly and, like a true omnivore, will eat just about anything ranging from apples and bananas to crickets!


Guinea Pigs

Name: Jean-Pierre St. Wigglenose

We have two rescued Guinea Pigs that eat fruits and veggies like it is nobody’s business! Although they can be shy, once they get used to you they are very friendly!


Spotted Salamanders

We have two Spotted Salamanders- a larger one, mostly likely female, and a smaller one, most likely male. Our salamanders are secretive and do all their cricket hunting at night!


Southern Leopard Frog

We have a very active Leopard Frog who is a powerful jumper and is very adept at catching crickets.


American Toad

Our bulky American Toad is a great hunter although sometimes he catches pebbles when he goes for a cricket!


Bull Frog

Our Bull Frog is a juvenile but growing quickly. He enjoys spending lots of time in his water bowl!


Common Snapping Turtle

Our Snapping Turtle is a juvenile. It is quite lazy and enjoys its life being fed and basking on rocks.


Common Musk Turtle

Like all Musk Turtles, ours prefers to spend time at the bottom of its tank. Musk Turtles are actually way better at walking than swimming!


Loggerhead Musk Turtle

Our Loggerhead Musk Turtles has a bigger head than our Common Musk and also has two “whiskers” called barbels on its chin which help it to sense.


Painted Turtle

This beautiful turtle is a great swimmer and always excited when it is feeding time! It enjoys basking on rocks.


Yellow- bellied Slider Turtle

This is our largest turtle. It is a great swimmer and very friendly!



Yes we do have venomous snakes! We are very careful when we feed them. One of our Copperheads is much lighter than the other. They are both very docile.


Corn Snakes

We have two corn snakes, both of whom are juveniles. One of them has a “Y” pattern on its head while the other does not. They are growing quickly and quite feisty!


Northern Water Snakes

Both Water Snakes are juveniles. They are fun to watch swim in their water bowl and enjoy hunting fish as well as tadpoles.


Eastern King Snake

We’ve got a very friendly King Snake who is easy to handle. King Snakes are actually immune to the toxins of venomous snakes!


Pine Snake

Name: Percy McCuddlybelly

Our Pine Snake is a juvenile but already very big! He is great to handle and is very calm around children.


Black Rat Snake

This is our largest snake- approximately 5 feet long! He is a voracious eater and eats 1-2 rats every week!