Here is a general overview of the evening classes and programs offered at Blue Ridge; however, each class can be tailored to fit your particular goals and needs, i.e. to cover material for a scouting merit badge, or to teach a specific curriculum requirement. Our classes conform to many of Georgia’s Performance Standards at all grade levels. View our rates.

Appalachian culture

Appalachian Culture // Updated for Fall 2017

Learn about life in the Appalachian Mountains! Activities in this class include the importance of fire, tools used by the Appalachian people, different methods of hunting, cooking, study of Appalachian flora and their different uses, how to make traditional candles and wool yarn, and contra dancing.

Topics discussed include: settlement, farming, traditional homes, hunting, and entertainment.

Campfire, Skits, & S’mores

Enjoy the very relaxed atmosphere of live entertainment after a full day in classes and activities. Every student will be involved in singing traditional songs and performing skits, and even have a chance to exhibit their talents! A great way to spend your last night at Blue Ridge!

night walk

Night Walk

Light’s OUT! This sense-sational class provides a safe way to explore the magical nocturnal world.

Through stories and demonstrations, students learn about nocturnal animal adaptations, night vision, and themselves on a walk near camp.

Topics include: senses, nocturnal animals, bioluminescence, and fears.

owl prowl

Owl Prowl

Three species of owl rule the night here at Blue Ridge.

With our owl mounts, students will see first-hand what makes these birds such deadly nocturnal predators. Students will also dissect owl pellets and go on a short night walk to try to hear our local owls and experience the night the way they do…without lights!

Topics include: nocturnal animals, adaptations, senses, and predator/prey relationships.